Author: Marie

  • Settled in Saratoga Springs, NY

    Settled in Saratoga Springs, NY

    We’ve been in Saratoga Springs for about 2 weeks now, settled in at the Saratoga RV Park which is nice, and convenient, but has a cranky manager who is very distressed over the fact that George is outside off a leash (OMG!!).

  • Chocolate and Glass

    Chocolate and Glass

    Two tourist stops today, 195 miles driven and one state crossed.  We hit the 19,000 mile mark on our entire journey (since August 11, 2015).

  • Tourist Day

    Tourist Day

    This morning we were on the road early with plans to get to Harper’s Ferry National Park and then to Gettysburg to do the tourist thing.  We had a hundred or so miles to get there… through West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland and more West Virginia.  Arrived there a little later than planned, but still before…

  • Up & Down Across West Virginia

    Up & Down Across West Virginia

    After getting everything packed up, cleaned and secured, with showers taken, we left the KOA in Milton, WV, just after 11am — later than we had planned.  Heading east through West Virginia, this has been our up-and-downest single day EVER!

  • Let’s Talk Toilet Paper

    Let’s Talk Toilet Paper

    One of the things about living in an RV is that you have tanks — grey water and black water tanks — that have to get emptied.  It’s important that they don’t get clogged, so learning about toilet paper is more important than you might think!

  • 33 States – 18,000 Miles

    33 States – 18,000 Miles

    We’ve been on the road now for 22 1/2 months – almost 2 years.  During that time we’ve traveled through 33 states, and have gone just over 18,000 miles.  We have a sticker map on the side of our bus that we’ve been filling in as we go.

  • Two Days Working

    Two Days Working

    Yesterday and today have been simple work days.  That is, sitting at my computer programming and doing the other regular stuff like handling email, paying bills and balancing checking accounts.  I love programming – but the rest of it … blech.

  • First Time in West Virginia

    First Time in West Virginia

    We got a pretty early start this morning and continued on our trek east through Kentucky on Hwy 62 until Lexington, and then Hwy 60 which took us into West Virginia at Huntington.  This is my first visit to West Virginia. And this time I managed to get a picture of the Welcome sign!

  • Grass and Green in Kentucky

    Grass and Green in Kentucky

    After leaving the Sam’s Club parking lot in Clarsville, TN, we headed north-ish.  Crossed into Kentucky in just a few miles … and I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of the sign!

  • Graceland – Memphis, Tennessee

    Graceland – Memphis, Tennessee

    We got up early and drove around to the south side of Memphis, arriving at Graceland just as the gates opened.