About Our Bus

1987 Beaver Marquis with Marie Gale at the wheel.

The bus is a 1987 Beaver Marquis, which was top of the line when it was built. It was a “party bus,” the “High Tech Classic Edition” as the plaque next to the door proclaims. That meant it had a bitchin’ CD player and “High Tech” speakers on the inside and outside. All of which were burned out long ago and need replacement. It hasn’t been a priority. It came with two big old CRT TVs, which we removed. (We watch stuff on our tablets.)

There is also a built-in Marguerita Mixer, a dedicated and still functional ice-maker, and a small cabinet (lit from inside) showcasing the cut crystal glassware that came with the bus.

Inside it is in beyond excellent condition for being nearly 40 years old. Outside–well, that’s another story. The blue paint is very patchy, faded, and cracked, and there seems to be an acre of off-white/beige gel-coat that needs repair.

The refrigerator works on either A/C or using natural gas.

There is a central furnace which runs off natural gas too, and based on our experience, it will keep the bus warm down into the 20’s. But not when it gets to be 2 degrees, which happened to us in North Dakota.

here are no leaks, and the awnings work great.

It is 36 1/2 feet long, a “diesel pusher” with a Caterpillar 3208 engine with just over 120,000 miles on it — which means it has barely been broken in!

There’s an Onan generator powered by natural gas that will supply some electricity, but not enough to run the two built-in air conditioners — for that you need 50 amp service at an RV Park.

We had a new rooftop A/C unit installed in 2021, and it is enough to keep the temperature from cooking us. This unit will work off the generator.

There’s always a list of things to fix… and the tires are getting old (we bought them in 2016).