Jeep and Duke

Settling Down for a Bit

There won’t be any posts on this site for a bit: Marie and I have settled into a house in the Seattle area, taking a break from the road for a year or two while we do some training at the Church of Scientology in Seattle.  We haven’t sold our bus or tow vehicle, but we wanted a car for the commute into downtown Seattle, and found this 2015 Jeep at (We recommend the sales services of Justin Smith for your automotive needs. No high pressure sales, just plenty of good communication.  It was refreshing to see someone else selling the way I sell. )

Our PT Cruiser tow vehicle (“toad”) has served us well for the last three years. But it’s a stick shift and we needed an automatic for driving around the stop-and-go traffic of Seattle.  Wow – there’s a ton of traffic on the roads here.  It’s more crowded than upstate New York.

We plan to pick up our traveling lifestyle again in a couple of years.  In the meantime, “Happy trails!”


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