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  • September 2015

    September 2015

    From Bend we worked our way (slowly) down to Pahrump, Nevada, where we had reservations in an RV park for 3 weeks.  Once we got a ways east, we were in what seemed like endless desert. Flat, hot, and going on and on and on and on.  And on.

  • August 2015

    August 2015

    After 3 1/2 months on the road, I figure it’s time I post an update on what we’ve been doing and where we’ve been. (I’ll try to post more frequently … my goal is once a week, if there is anything interesting to report.) We left home on August 10th, first to drop stuff off…

  • We Have an RV!

    We Have an RV!

    Last month, Jere and I announced to family our intention to get an RV and “run away from home,” living and working on the road as we travel around the US seeing the sights and visiting friends and family. Yesterday it became a lot more REAL.