The Maps

Nearly all of our travels are on the back roads – usually the smaller state highways, but sometimes just “such and so road”. With Google Maps our our DeLorme Map books for each state, we are able to find reliable back roads that we can actually traverse in the amazing blue bus.

The following maps show our route. Click any location icon and it will tell you where it was and when we were there. For the stalkers out there, you’ll have to stalk after-the-fact – sorry! Because Google doesn’t like the fact that we aren’t going the fastest (freeway) routes it chooses for us and then limits the number of “detours” we can take from it’s all-knowing “best route,” we’ve had to break it into several maps.

The red icons are the places we stayed at least one night. The blue icons are places of interest we visited, but did not stay overnight.

2016 – Florida to Maine

After the HSCG’s 2016 Conference, we gathered up George and Duke from the “Pet Resort” they had been at for the week, and started on our trek to Maine.

Early 2016 – Florida and Georgia

At the start of 2016, we were at daughter Desi’s house in Clearwater, Florida.  We stayed there until mid-March before heading out.  Even so, we couldn’t travel too far away, because we had to be back in Tampa in May for the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild‘s 2016 Annual Conference.

So we spent 8 weeks working and moving about in Florida and Georgia (where it was a bit cooler than Tampa).

2015 – Oregon to Florida

In 2015 we traveled a total of 4,325 miles, from southwestern Oregon to the top-most northwestern part of the US (excluding Alaska) to almost the furthest to the southeast you can go.

These posts cover our trip in 2015: