Heading Out 2021

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In April and May of 2021 we had some life changes and new awarenesses … and decided that it was time to get back on the road for a while. It was a quick decision and in just TWO WEEKS we got the bus ready, our house ready and us ready and we headed out on May 9th for another adventure across the country.

We’re going to Clearwater, Florida to visit family and do some services at the large Church of Scientology there. The plan is about 6 weeks driving over, 3-4 months in Clearwater and then driving back (before it gets too cold and snowy to be any fun).

The Route

Still some states not visited!

As you can see from the picture (of the sticker map on the side of the bus), we still have a few states not yet visited.  That being the case, we’re taking the northern route from Seattle, hitting Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the upper penninsula of Michigan before we head truly south to Florida.

We plan to stop at various sites of interest along the way, including spending a couple of days in Bearaboo, Wisconsin, where my great-great-grandfather, Dr. Charles Cowles, was an early settler. I plan to do some research and find out more about him and his contributions to settling the area.

Throughout our journey across we’ll be posting our route and activities.

So stay tuned!

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